New Website Provides Reliable Information on Return and Reintegration in Countries of Origin

IOM has launched a new website to provide migrants in Europe with unbiased and up-to-date information on return and reintegration opportunities in their countries of origin.

The EC-funded website allows migrants who are currently residing in Austria, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland to have 24/7 access to comprehensive information on return and reintegration conditions in 20 countries of origin, from Afghanistan to Ukraine, including Albania, Angola, Armenia, Brazil, Cameroon, the DRC, Georgia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Moldova, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Serbia and Sudan.

The website, which is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Greek and Portuguese, also contains detailed information on various practical aspects of life in home countries, including prospects for gainful employment, access to housing, health care and education or to enquire about the transferability of their pension funds.

“The website aims to help migrants make a fully informed decision about the possibilities for a productive return,” says Pascal Reyntjens, IOM’s Programme Coordinator in Brussels. “It also allows migrants to receive tailored information that will help them start new business ventures and professionals endeavours with the support of IOM offices in countries of origin.”

The 18-month project builds on IOM’s long standing experience in promoting multilateral approaches to encourage the successful return and reintegration of migrants in their countries of origin.

For more information, please visit

Refugees United


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