Brazil .. described by a Malaysian woman

A Malaysian woman, who always visits us at Refugees United Brasil’s office is returning to Malaysia, her homeland. I hope I could see her again some day …

She wrote a thankful poem to Brazil and the Brazilians for the warm welcome they gave to her. And she gave us a copy, printed in a beautiful poster to be fixed on our wall! We’re reproducing the text here.

Thank you Noraina!

Refugees United Brasil

Especially to venerable President
With his Government
Thank you
Accolade to the Brazilian people

Thank you
For the dream has turn into reality
To stay in this beautiful country
As a second home upon the affection

Golden heart
People of this marvelous country
Brazil country, seated so far in America Latina
With many races, many colours, nationalities from all nations

Welcome the foreigners with an open heart
Give them a shelter, when there is no home
Trying to give a second chance
To be grateful in this beautiful life

The Malaysian lady, walked along the street
Incapable to speak their beautiful language
Very fascinating, they understood her signs
Amenable to give hand where is needed

The Malaysian lady
Trust the existing of the foreigners
For them not to misuse the second opportunity
Our existing brings glory, not misery, she said
Or the opportunity to be wealth by mean and greed
In the eyes of God and humanity

Create a vision that bring glory
To be shared among the Brazilian people
For the foreigners can do better by the rise of their history root
Followed the story legend from their country

Pre-eminent … The beauty colour person … on the seat of America throne
That break the history … first ever
The Brazilian gave the foreigners the opportunities,
To share their family, country, jobs
The benefits of the society …

As an aid to ease the foreigners in their tough journey…
The Malaysian lady was amazed by the intellectual,
the abilities, the people of this country
Especially in the field of
Health, education and agricultural

Unselfishness to themselves
Willingly … sharing their knowledge and experience
With educated foreigners
To be someone in the future of time

Let us hand in hand together with the lovely Brazilian people
To glorify … America Latina
A well known country because of…
The beautiful hospitality and their bountiful generosity
With greatest community pride, cultural and racial diversity

Especially to all Brazilian people
In the world, wherever you may be…
Thank you… for embrace us with your generosity
Warmth hospitality and abundant generosities
May God returned your good deeds with your family
As huge as the ocean … infinity

Masya allaah, Glory be to you, Yaa allaah
Laa hawla wala quwwata illaa bilaahil ‘aliyyil ‘azhiim
Allaahuma Sali ‘alaa saiyidina Muhammad wa ‘alaa aaliji
Wa shahbihi wa salam wal hamdulillaahi rabbil ‘aalamin

By Noraini da Malaysia


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