SAP to provide technology to help global NGO Refugees United run more efficiently

SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) has made a commitment to provide software and expert assistance to Refugees United, an “NGO 2.0” organization making innovative use of technology to help people in need.

Refugees United offers the more than 42 million refugees worldwide a free, anonymous, Web-based database and search engine designed to help displaced family members reconnect with each other. As a first step SAP has provided Refugees United with an SAP on-demand solution for small businesses that will help the organization run its daily operations more efficiently. SAP’s solutions will allow Refugees United to more efficiently scale its operation and mission, and to become an even faster and more agile organization.

“We are both proud and thankful that SAP has chosen to partner with Refugees United,” said Refugees United Chairman of the Board Vibeke Windelov. “With SAP’s support we will be able to increase our aim of real-time collaboration between refugee support groups and NGOs, and, importantly, work to expand the network designed to facilitate participation by refugees themselves in the quest to relocate missing loved ones.”

“Information Technology has fundamentally changed the way our society interacts on a global scale, and offers new ways to even aid the non-privileged,” said SAP Executive Board member Jim Hagemann Snabe. “Refugees United’s innovative idea to use technology to reunite refugees excited me from the first moment., and I look forward to working with them as the expand their abilities to help the millions of displaced persons around the world.”

System Innovation Consult will assist Refugees United in implementing the SAP solution.


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