Refugees United in Kenya II

Nairobi Nov. 24th 2009.

The night has slowly crept up on the Nairobi mish-mash of high rises and animals drawn in from the wild, and, with it, the cold has tagged along. Darkness reigns complete as cars disappear and people vanish, leaving the before so hustling and bustling streets reminiscent of a quaint village’s arteries, all void of life after daylights disappearance.

Under the glare of a naked light bulb I’m sitting in my hotel room, an acrid smell of paint thinner mixed with car fumes lingering as I think of the day’s work. And a tremendous day it has been, full of African hospitality and a far greater sense of common purpose shared among the NGOs we’ve spent the day with than I have experienced most other places. The towering problems leaning against the doorstep of every organization here are so prominent one cannot escape the shadows they cast. And this, fortunately, brings out the best in people. Refugees United has been welcomed with open arms, enthusiasm and wonderful possibilities I am much looking forward to share with you all as we return home.

Come morning we will journey to the heart of the Nairobi slum in a part of town called Asili, to meet with refugees in search of missing family, families reconnected through Refugees United, and the wonderful people we work with in these outreach programs aimed at helping some of the most information-deprived people among us.

My hands and heart are trembling with excitement and slight apprehension as we’re venturing into territory unknown, to uncover human tragedy and moments of triumph, with stories of separation and reunification laid bare before us. Wish me courage and luck.

I will keep you updated. Christopher

Refugees United


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