Response to the Haiti Earthquake

In the wake of the Haiti Earthquake, Refugees United has been in contact with partner organizations involved in efforts to track missing people, and reconnect them with friends and family. We have offered our help in any way possible, and the platform as a longer term solution for those individuals who have not been able to reconnect with family in the coming weeks.

Rather than push yet another missing person platform onto the scene, and with the RU platform specifically minded for refugees, we continue to promote the excellent efforts of organizations specializing in emergency response, and disaster management.

On Thursday January 14, we were in contact with the US State Department, and following that, with friends and partners from organizations such as INSTEDD, Ushahidi, Sahana Foundation and others. We have stayed in contact with these organizations over the past days, and have offered whatever help we could.

We cannot begin to express how impressive we find the quick responses offered by these efforts, the dedication of the engineers and programmers, and the usefulness of the resulting web services.

To play our small part in these efforts, we have offered the platform as a possible base for those missing persons registrations that cannot be resolved in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. We also hope this effort can be the starting point of a effective collaboration between the many organizations that deal with missing persons records amongst refugees, internally displaced, stateless persons and victims of large scale natural disasters.

To see live updates from the ground in Haiti, reported via e-mail and SMS, take a look at

For people looking for missing family in Haiti, we refer to Googles aggregated database at or ICRC Family Links at

Refugees United


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