Refugees United Foundation seeks project manager

Refugees United is an organization helping separated refugee families to trace loved ones via web and mobile phone technologies. Working with both the private sector and NGOs to achieve its goals, the organization has a global reach across borders and barriers, in working directly with displaced populations via technology.

North East Africa

In rolling out Refugees United’s African program, the organization is performing a 12-month outreach project in North East Africa, where we will be conducting extensive fieldwork and research.

To carry out this task successfully, Refugees United is seeking a passionate, experienced and highly skilled project manager who knows how to get the job done in often difficult and unmanageable situations

The role will entail responsibility for research and data gathering, and assembling local teams in several African countries with a focus on helping local NGOs and refugees understand our tracing platform and mission. Moreover, the candidate will manage registration exercises with extreme diligence, and with a focus on generating results.

The job will involve a 3-month period of project planning at HQ in Copenhagen, and extensive travels to Africa during the 9-month implementation phase.

General responsibilities:

* Recruitment of local people and organizing a project team in Africa.

* Keeping the project within the time frame/schedules as set forth

* Keeping the budgets within the frames as set forth

* Managing the project’s risks and solve the conflicts

* Delivering the project to a successful launch and implementation

* Status reports on a monthly and quarterly basis.


The candidate must have extensive fieldwork experience in Africa.

We also expect you to:

* Be a strong, motivating and charismatic leader

* Be an inspirational colleague and sparring partner

* Be able to communicate with all parties involved

* Be able to work independently

* Have proactive work ethics

* Have good interpersonal skills

* Have problem-solving skills

* Master the English language in both writing and speaking

Salary and terms of employment:

The salary is determined by your qualifications and by the nature of our organization. The place of employment will be at the address of the head office of Refugees United in Copenhagen. Furthermore, the year will entail at least 120 days of travel.

The project is planned to take place during a 12-months period. Subsequently, we offer a 12 months contract. Pending evaluation of the project phase, a prolonging of the contract may be an option.

Please submit your CV and application to Rikke Juel Brandt via email at:

– write “Application” in subject field

or letter addressed to:

Refugees United

Att. Application

Sundkrogsgade 13, 2

2100 Copenhagen O


Closing date for applications: 24. February 2010.

For more information about Refugees United visit


2 Responses to Refugees United Foundation seeks project manager

  1. Subrata Ganguly says:

    I’m keenly interested to get involved with your development programme , so kindly forward the necessary information to me if there is any vacancy.


    Subrata Ganguly

  2. Subrata Ganguly says:

    I would love to keep communication with the officials, so, kindly send the contact details of the concerned person

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