World Refugee Day 2012

Source: Refugees United

These sisters found each other via the Refugees United family tracing platform after 16 years of separation.

Today is World Refugee Day, where we pause and reflect upon the fact that there are 43 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, struggling to survive, make a living, or resettle within the country that they’ve had to flee to.

Of the millions of refugees that have fled their country or hometown within their own country, many thousands remain separated from their family members, with whom they lost all contact during flight.

Do you know where all your family members are? Can you pick up the phone and call your loved ones today? If you can, do so – and think about the thousands of people that do not have this possibility. They might be sitting in a shelter in a refugee camp, surrounded only by strangers, and thinking of whether they might one day get lucky enough to hear the voices of their loved ones again.

Today, we would like your help to spread awareness about how we can use modern technologies available to us to reconnect those many broken families. Right now, Refugees United is helping more than 135,000 people in search of missing family members via our free online, mobile-enabled family tracing platform, developed in partnership with our main technology partner Ericsson and supported by on-ground outreach partners likeUNHCRKenya Red Cross, and Intersos. And we are reconnecting people at a greater pace every day. Read the story of two Congolese sisters (picture) reconnected here.

Share this newsletter with your friends and family and share our Facebook page with your network. The more people we reach, the more people we have a chance of reconnecting.

Thank you for your support!

Refugees United


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