More than 1,000 Syrian refugees flee to Turkey in single day

April 5, 2012

Source: Al Arabiya

Turkish officials have contingency plans in the event of a larger-scale incursion as Syrian regime forces storm opposition towns near the Turkish border. (Reuters)

More than 1,000 Syrian refugees fled to Turkey in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of people currently staying in Turkey to nearly 21,000, a Turkish official told AFP on Thursday.

“A total of 1,043 Syrians made their way to Turkey in a single day, marking the highest figure in recent times,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

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Mali clashes force 195,000 to flee their homes: UN

March 16, 2012

Source: AFP

Security forces stand in front of relatives and supporters of soldiers fighting Tuareg rebels during a protest (Photo: AFP/File)

Clashes between the army and Tuareg rebels in northern Mali have forced 195,000 people to flee their homes since mid-January, the United Nations humanitarian office OCHA said Thursday.

“The number of people displaced by the conflict continues to increase and is approaching 195,000, including nearly 100,000 who have fled abroad,” read a statement from the agency.

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The Syrian refugee crisis is aggravating old tensions in Lebanon

March 8, 2012

Source: The Guardian

By Chris Doyle

Once a sanctuary for refugees, Lebanon is now divided down sectarian lines in how it reacts to those fleeing Syria

The refugees were all crammed into a school. They were Lebanese. The children slept on threadbare mattresses in classrooms. Generous locals were bringing in supplies. This was Homs in 2006 and the families had been fleeing the Israeli bombing in Lebanon. Homs was once again playing host to Lebanese refugees, as it had done during much of the 15-year Lebanese civil war.

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Reconections story : Somali friends united

August 29, 2011

Abdullah and Khalid were childhood friends growing up as refugees from Somalia in Kenya. Kenya has one of the largest refugee populations, Dadaab being the biggest refugee camp in the world. In 1993 Khalid went to Uganda and the young friends lost contact for the following 19 years.

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‘Ivory Coast preventing refugees from returning home’

July 28, 2011

Source: Times Live

A woman walks at future site of the Angre bridge, built to allow better traffic conditions, in Abidjan July 26, 2011. Despite years of political paralysis, Ivory Coast still has some of the best infrastructure in Africa, with better roads and fewer power cuts than any of its neighbours. Most of it was installed in the 1960s and 70s and has started to crumble. (Photo: Thierry Gouegnon/ Reuters)

State-backed militias were preventing hundreds of thousands of refugees from returning home to Ivory Coast, months after the political violence in the country ended, says Amnesty International.

Citizens were displaced during the post-election violence that erupted in December. The situation improved following the defeat and capture of former president Laurent Gbagbo in April, and the inauguration of President Alassane Ouattara.

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MTN, Ericsson and Refugees United to help reconnect refugees across Africa

June 20, 2011

MTN and Ericsson – in conjunction with Refugees United – have taken a bold step towards enabling the reconnection of refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) with their families in Africa.

The firms today marked the World Refugee Day by launching a free mobile service to facilitate the reconnection of refugees and IDPs separated from their families and friends by conflicts and natural disasters.

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The hidden injuries of Iraqi refugees

June 3, 2011

Source: Al Jazeera

By Adam Coutts

Some 4.5 million refugees have been uprooted from their homes since the Iraq conflict began in 2003 (Photo: Gallo/ GETTY)

Little attention has been given in the post-conflict reconstruction of Iraq to the health and well-being of refugees and their children. Indeed, with the advent of the Arab Spring, the situation of displaced Iraqi refugees has left media, public and national policy agendas altogether. But almost a decade after US and British troops first touched down on Iraqi soil, families continue to lack basic resources. Children are living in a very fragile and tense social environment – which in countries such as Syria, Jordan and Lebanon is getting worse by the day, given the current social uprisings.The devastating social effects in terms of increased civilian mortality of the invasion and reconstruction of Iraq has been demonstrated by research such as that produced by the Iraq Family Health Survey and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health studies published in the Lancet. However, scant research or policy attention has been given to the suffering, death and psychological impacts caused by displacement and the poverty experienced by one of the largest refugee populations in modern history.

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