Tuk-tuk project drives Somali IDPs in search of self-sufficiency

September 27, 2012

Source: UNHCR

A fleet of tuk-tuks do business in Galkayo, bringing the promise of better times for the small teams of displaced people who maintain and drive them. (Photo: UNHCR)

Mohamed Issa Hussein, a budding entrepreneur in Galkayo’s Halabokhad settlement for forcibly displaced people, has seen better days. Forced to flee his home along the Somali-Ethiopian border with his wife and seven children three years ago, it has been a tough journey rebuilding his life far from home.

After arriving in Halabokhad in northern Somalia’s autonomous Puntland region, Mohamed, desperate to give his children a healthy present and a better future, tried his hand at all sorts of jobs – from shoe-shining in Galkayo to running a small shop.

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